Spam Reaching Groups via staged users and email

We’re getting SEO spam to our groups. Akismet is installed but is catching no spam to our groups. I’ve touched all the admin and Akismet spam settings but nothing has worked. Any thoughts as to what can be done to prevent spam to the groups?

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Can you describe specifically how it is getting there? Are these users signing up for new accounts and posting?

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Here’s the latest spammer. As you can see his account was only an hour old and he read 1 post.

All spam settings are default except these.

Is there anything about the group you’d like me to show you?

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A staged account is not a signup – that means you configured your Discourse to accept posts via email. You got an email, thus the account for that sending email address was provisionally created.

Discourse does not do blocking of spam email. That’s something that should be handled by your email provider.

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Should the Akismet plugin be looking at these emails? I thought it checked low trust level accounts.