Sparkpost: policy_rejection

So I’ve got a weird problem, wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I might fix.
In short, I am one of two admins on my discourse forum. I need to change the email address associated with my account, because I no longer have access to the current address associated. However when I try to change it via discourse, no mail is delivered to my new email address and a policy_rejection is triggered on sparkpost.

The longer story
When we originally set up discourse, we were using namecheap for our DNS and as an email forwarding service with sparkpost handling all of discourse’s email.
We decided to migrate our DNS to cloudflare, which does not include email forwarding, so we moved to zoho for our mail hosting. This caused a conflict between zoho and sparkpost (I am now aware that you cannot have conflicting MX records pointing to different servers).Since then, we’ve changed the zoho mail to a subdomain ( while spark post remains on the original domain ( As such, we no longer have access to emails sent to * When I try to change my account, which was registered at, discourse sends an email to confirm my current email address, which returns this on sparkpost:

Apr 19, 2016 1:42 PM policy_rejection [] Confirm your current email address smtp_66298986764048681
Because I can’t confirm my current address, I am unable to change to a new address.

I’m very new to this, so sorry in advance if anything doesn’t make sense, or if there is an obvious solution.
Would love any advice on how to proceed from here in changing my email address.

Sparkpost does not need to be set as an MX record to work if you are only using Sparkpost to send mail.

You only need correct TXT DNS records for SPF and DKIM to be set for Sparkpost.

I would say:

  • set your general mailboxes back up, setting MX records just to Zoho (or another standard provider).
  • approve your email addresses.
  • Use Sparkpost just for sending mail from Discourse.

Seek-out, re-read Sparkpost documentation - follow it. Whatever you are doing now seems way off track.


You are correct, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve gone ahead and removed those mx records and have email working through zoho once more.

Really appreciate the help.

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