Special like limit

Maybe there could be a like limit which will not let you to like many messages fast?
(Sorry, I do not know how to categorize this :pensive: …)

We do have a daily limit of likes, that’s controlled by the setting max likes per day… but it sounds like what you’re asking for is more of a rate-limit? Are you running into problems where some people are liking too many posts too quickly? Can you describe the problem a little more?

Well sometimes people like posts too fast and that annoyns. For example, I want to check my other nofications but the like nofication spams. I know, there is a way to not to get nofications from likes, but I think there should also be a like limit which won’t let you like fast in one thread, or something like this.

Something like cooling down rate?


Yeah, something like that.

Instead of restricting what users can do, coalescing multiple like notifications on the same topic or post, or from the same user into one might be a better suggestion?

We also have a few cases where users like a lot of posts from another user a bunch (badge hunting?) and I can see that this can be annoying in the notification list.


We already coalesce multiple like notifications on the same post from different users and from the same user on different posts :thinking: