Special role to access dashboard

Could be possible to add an specific role to only access to dashboard and not to entire admin functions?

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Moderators can access the dashboard but not the settings.


Thanks for reply, I know that but we don’t want marketing guys to moderate our forums :neutral_face:

And we want to share our community dashboard.

Who do you want to share the dashboard with?

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To specifics users/roles. Could be an active group like ‘Staff’ (not only mods, entire staff).

I think what you want is to create some data explorer queries that give them whatever information they think they need.


That could be nice but giving access to admin dashboard could be enough for now (I think that could be more easy and fast to implement).

I’m afraid it’s not – this is not currently possible and it is not a request that we’ve heard before so it’s unlikely to make it onto our roadmap. Jay’s suggestion to make data explorer queries visible to a group is your best course of action here.


So using something like that could help? Anything else to mention to look into?


Correct. There is an option to share queries with specific groups.