SSO users getting flagged

When someone logs in using SSO via my WordPress site they are getting flagged as potentially spam just because they already have a profile bio (it says it’s suspicious)

Can I turn that off? I can’t find anything in settings that references it. Thanks.

I think you’re looking for approve suspect users:


Perfect, thank you.

I searched for some terms and looked under “Login”, “Users”, “Security”, “Trust Level”. I’ve no idea why this is under “Posting” as it doesn’t even have anything to do with Posting! :expressionless:


Ah yes, the tabs can sometimes be less than intuitive. :slight_smile:

I use the settings search bar more often than not, and I think that can be quite a useful way of thinning them out based on a keyword. Though for the Review Queue ones, there’s often a little blurb with an explainer in the reviewable which can send you to the right spot:


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