SSO with Kajabi

Is there anyone here that I can hire to help set up SSO with Kajabi?

I run a paid monthly membership on Kajabi and want to offer a private / closed-door coommunity using Discourse that members automatically get an account for after joining my membership.

I can’t seem to find anyone that has the knowledge to do this though.

Posting here… as I cross all fingers and toes :slight_smile:


Hi Chris - I’ve moved your post to the #marketplace. Please feel free to edit your post with any additional information that you think of. In particular, adding a budget for the project will help you find someone to take it on.


Thank you for moving this to the right place David!

Are there any developers out there that I can hire, to help me integrate SSO with Kajabi?

Hey, Chris! I might be able to help out. Can you shoot me an email at We can talk through the process and details from there.


Hey Joe! I’m looking for the same as Chris. Can I write you an email as well?

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Certainly. I leave that email address public so it’s easier for folks to reach out even if it doesn’t apply to the current topic. :wink:

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