Stacked FontAwesome icons for badges, etc

Stacking FontAwesome icons can result in some pretty neat looking glyphs. It would be nice to be able to stack icons like this when specifying the icon for a badge.

It involves a parent element with fa-stack class, then two child elements for each stacked image.

Rather than catering to this specific use case, is there a way the badge system could be expanded to allow arbitrary html for the badge image in such a way that isn’t a support nightmare?


Have you tried entering html?

It doesn’t exactly break, but it also doesn’t work. The twitter example only shows the twitter logo, and the other examples don’t display an icon at all. (Even the placeholder glyph.)

That is very likely due to missing CSS rules. Look at the HTML it renders.

It’s more than just that. It’s throwing everything inside the class tag.

This looks like a bug to me then. We should get that fixed.

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I didn’t realize it was supposed to allow arbitrary html, but yes, that would be awesome!