Custom Badge image as Font Awesome not working?

(fearlessfrog) #1


Updated to latest yesterday (v2.0.0.beta10 +136) and we noticed that our use of font-awesome names in the Custom Badge’s icon seems to have broken?


We use the ‘fa-certificate’ for that, but it comes up with a 404 now (as do other badges we customized with FA). It looks like the img src path is not correct now? (I’ve put the console in the screenshot above for the 404’s).

I’ve checked that the icon names are still correct (they’ve worked fine for a year or so) from here: Font Awesome Cheatsheet

Thanks for any help.

(fearlessfrog) #2

Looks like a simple fix for this one, so hopefully helps someone in the future via search.

The filled in ‘image’ value seems to have been migrated in with the fa-class, so the solution is just to clear that field and all is good.