Staff cannot delete post that a user initiated a self-delete on

Not sure of the history, so this may be a #feature not a bug. If a user tries to delete their post by default the post is held for 24 hours before being deleted. While the deletion is pending, a mod/admin cannot delete the post immediately, like they can if the post is not pending deletion.


Is there anything in logs when this happens.

Not that I’ve seen. It’s been this way as long as I’ve been staff on any Discourse site. Never bothered me enough to report it. There’s no error, the delete button just doesn’t appear for staff to click.

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It’s basically a UI issue, not a bug, so recategorizing. It is true though.

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Ran into this again, here on Meta this time. A user deleted their post (triggering the 24 hour timer), then flagged their post. That stopped the deletion timer. However, I cannot easily delete the post now, there’s no delete option.

Workaround: flag the post again and delete it from the flag queue.


@neil can you add this to your list please. Repro is self deleted post that has been flagged, view as staff.


Ok we were hiding the button in that case. I made a fix to show it to staff.