Staff tags cause duplicate tag index

Continuing the discussion from ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique on idx_tag_users_ix1: How to fix?:

The error was reproduced. I think I’m on a trail to figure this bug out.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a tag #foo

  2. Limit tag #foo usage to Staff

  3. Create a group Bar

  4. Assign a Watching notification of tag #foo for group Bar

  5. Have a non-privileged user join group Bar

  6. and change their personal notification for #foo to Normal

  7. Non-privileged user should be unable to read a page anymore

I suspect this is what is happening, since it happened twice to different people. The error goes like this:

Maybe the title is a bit limiting. I think it has more to do with tag restriction to groups and personal notifications.

All new users now have a duplicate entry which must be removed from the console:

 r = TagUser.connection.execute("SELECT user_id, tag_id, count(*) FROM tag_users GROUP BY tag_id, user_id HAVING count(*) > 1")
r.values.each { |uid,tag,_| TagUser.where(user_id: uid, tag_id: tag).last.destroy }

I’m not sure I’m doing the repro right…

  • Create tag group
  • Create #staff-tag tag in tag group
  • Set ‘Tags are visible to everyone, but only the following groups can use them’ to staff

  • Create group
  • On /manage/tags, add #staff-tag to Watching
  • Add test user (TL2) to group
  • Confirm #staff-tag is Watching for test user in Preferences/Tracking

  • Navigate to /tags/staff-tag and change bell icon to 'Normal`

Everything seems to work?

I’m not sure about this step. I used the group notifications to add the tag in the watching notifications for the group

I meant this page here:

I maybe over-abbreviated the link - /g/GROUPNAME/manage/tags

Or do I need to try from another spot?

I don’t know really. I cannot spend much time on it before OFFDEM. For now I’m running the SQL requests to fix the issue for new users as they come. Maybe I overlooked a detail. Like… All categories are muted by default, that might affect the notifications.

That may be relevant. Are you using the mute all categories by default setting for that?

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Yes I do use this setting.