Tags default notification

if I want to set Tags default notification in Group > some group > Manage > Tags I cannot save same tag for Watching and Tracking. I get 500 error

In Logs I can see “ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique (PG::UniqueViolation: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “idx_group_tag_notification_defaults_unique”
DETAIL: Key (group_id, tag_id)=(46, 46) already exists.”

If I select different tags for Watching and Tracking then it is working fine.

Is it bug or I cannot have same tag for Watching and Tracking? According to description they do different things.

Thanks in advance

is there any news about this topic?

I don’t think you can watch and track the same tag.

Why do you think you need both?


This is correct.

It is not possible to have the same tag set to both Watching and Tracking.

For any given tag (or category), it can only be set to one of the following states:

  • Watching
  • Tracking
  • Watching First Post
  • Normal (The default if no other state is set)
  • Muted

Hello all,
thank you for your answers. Issue solved.

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Maybe one more thing. Would it be possible somehow improve error message? Error 500 - Internal Error can be a lots of things but here the problem is that you cannot set same labels. We spent some time to find root cause and solution is that it is not possible set. It would save time for users.

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Hi @michnpet

I’ve shared this with our team internally so we can look into making some improvements here relating to the error message you were getting in this situation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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