Start the discussion link issue


(Paxmanchris) #1

I have my discourse configured to go to, for example, “”, my wordpress site is on After I make a post (“A Fun Test”) I get a “Start the discussion at” but the link is going to when it should go to

My wp-discourse is on this master branch for my test server and production server; and for some reason I cannot duplicate the problem on my production server and production discourse. So this is working in one situation but not the other.

I also have a version of my website running in a virtual machine, and it to seems to be able to post to my test discourse.

(Ben Word) #2

Seems like a configuration or database issue on your dev install. There shouldn’t be anything in the plugin itself that would cause this.

(Paxmanchris) #3

I was able to resolve this issue. I cleared the settings from the database and reinstalled the plugin. Thanks for your help