Steps to configure Sidebar in community Admin

I have Admin access in my community. Where can I find the steps to configure the plugin correctly for the sidebar?

  • experimental new new view groups

  • navigation menu

  • default sidebar categories

  • default sidebar tags

  • enable custom sidebar sections

  • discourse subscriptions campaign banner location

Hey Giovanni,

The sidebar isn’t a plugin, it’s part of the core of Discourse.

These are all configurable via /admin/site_settings - search for sidebar to see them

If you’re referring to the location to customize the contents of the subscriptions banner, this is done via your Customize → Text at /admin/customize/site_texts by modifying js.discourse_subscriptions.campaign.title and js.discourse_subscriptions.campaign.body.


Hi @Stephen,

I’m wondering if @Giovanni_Lignarolo had indeed done this search and was listing what was displayed in order to learn what the ideal (“correct”) configuration is for each option? Sometimes as an Admin, I don’t really understand what the full impact of the settings I select will be, even with the explanation that shows up under each field. :grimacing:

Is there a guide to the configuration? (I couldn’t find one, but probably missed it!)

@Giovanni_Lignarolo, I don’t think there’s any one specific “correct” way to configure the sidebar - it’s going to depend on how you want to use it. Is there something in particular you want to enable or disable about the sidebar?