Sth wrong with "Draft is being edited in another window"

I don’t know whether my network got some problems, but recently I constantly get this problem:

“Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.”

While I only have one webpage open, no other webpages, even no other users on the site I know.

Why is that happening?


Can you reproduce this here on Meta?

Can you update to latest to rule out Reducing the frequency of display for the warning "Draft is being edited in another window." ?


No, I never encountered this problem in Meta.
I think that might be the problem of the network like when you are editing, the network failed.

so when you continue editing, the server thinks you are having problems in this drafting.

You see, it’s “Lianghui” now in China, so the foreign servers’ network serving from China becomes quite poor these days.

What’s the mechanism of this problem “Draft is being edited in another window”? Will network failing cause that problem?

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I have seen this as well, I know what it is, working on a fix.


Can you see if this commit helps?

We had a condition where drafts could be saving “concurrently” meaning the composer could be in the middle of saving a draft and another draft save would be issued. This only happened when network latency is high, but I think it is quite likely you were a victim to this @xiasummer

No guarantees that it fixes it, this is some very complex code, but on all my local testing it is working much better.


Can we have an automic option?

Like firstly have a test of the network delayment and the loss rate, then automaticly set a proper draft saving strategy.

Not following, are you still noticing issues?

Yes. I mean, for different users’ different network conditions, use different drafting strategies.

Like if you live in big cities where the network is great, you can draft more often and set 2 seconds as the drafting upload time. while if you live in far areas with long network delay, you can automaticly set 10 seconds as drafting upload time.

I follow, we already now, post my commit, have a way better strategy than we used to cause we hold off on saving if a save is in progress.

Are you noticing any issues now?