Spurious "Draft is being edited in other window" errors

Many users on our forums (including staff and myself) have reported receiving this error message for no clear reason in the last several days. This error message appears occasionally when composing posts, even though no other windows are open. One of the buttons needs to be pressed to continue, and can result in losing typed post content. I tried deleting all drafts and using safe mode, but it still occurred. It’s happened in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that I’m aware of. We have 2.8.0.beta10 [5ff0b86b57] installed. I noticed fix #15390 involves drafts, is it possible there’s some connection?


Please upgrade to the latest version by visiting /admin/upgrade or rebuilding your Docker container. This bug has been fixed a few days ago.


Understood, thanks for that!


@gerhard - this is still occurring for many of our users. The popup seems to come up for no reason, with the users only having one active session open.

We’re running 2.9.0.beta3.

Anything we can do to fix this?

Thank you!

Ditto. This error is occurring for many of my users as well. I am running 2.9.0.beta5.