Still getting notifications from muted user in mailing list mode

I have a user muted on but I’m still getting notifications from his reply on some(all?) posts.

Below are all the non-empty notification related settings that I have, apart from the one muted user not included in the screenshot.

I’ve seen and this doesn’t seem to be the same issue since the user I’m muting is a normal user



@zogstrip can you have a look at this?

Howdy folks. I just had a user bring up the same issue (which led me to this thread here).

She’s got her settings set to receive an email for every post and she has muted a couple of people but are still getting emails from them when they post.

(I’m also trying reproduce this myself with her exact settings but it may take a couple of days for me to be able to reproduce it.)


So this is specific to mailing list mode and almost certainly a bug @zogstrip

In case this helps, I was just able to reproduce the bug that our user reported. Steps: Mute a user and you still get the individual emails when they post.


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It was indeed a bug specific to mailing list mode. It’s now fixed :banana:


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