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I would like to know if there is a way to stop a post from bumping at all, meaning I want to have it remain open, but not being bumped if there is a new reply.

Use Case 1: Sometimes I get topics that are basically an argument between two users, that are basically only interesting to those two people, but yet they continue to push the post up to the top of the latest feed. I don’t want to close these topics, but rather simply keep them out of the latest feed from others.

Use Case 2: Some users keep writing additional comments on their own topic, and thus keep bumping it up in the latest feed, even though no one else showed any interest in the topic.

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This plugin may be helpful

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Thanks, but if there are 2 users arguing, and this keeps pushing up the post in the latest feed…this plugin will not help, right?

If two users are arguing, the best way to control that argument is to close the topic or simply ban those users.

Alternatively, if you just want to let them mind their own business, convert their argument into a personal message.


Yes, I don’t have “bad arguments”, all my users so far are super nice and friendly. But the topic keeps bumping up while they are the only ones interested.

Hmm…how do I convert their argument to PM?

The admin wrench next to the topic should have an option to “select posts”
When you’ve selected their posts (easiest method is to click select+below) there will be a new option Move to, Select New Message give it a title e.g. unbearable argument and click move. that should do it.


Nice, thank you I will try that. :slight_smile:

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