Strange preview of images with text/white background

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, if my server have some issues or is this a bug. But screenshots tell what is happening:

This an user sees:

And this is actual image:

Similar thing happend every time when an image has lot of white background, like sceenshots from text.

It is not browser or device dependent thing. What else… safe-mode doesn’t help and my setup is not on latest, but really fresh anyway. I’m on DigitalOcean and install itself is made official way. I don’t use Cloudflare but I have Nginx/Varnish before droplet of Discourse, but those are mainly just killing bots and doing some geoip-banning.

I found first incident around a week ago, before that everything worked just fine.

I couldn’t repro that on and that is the main reason why I’m at support.

Any ideas?

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