Strange problem with single User (LDAP-Plugin)

Hello Community!

I’m running a discourse setup for the company I work for. Everything is working nice and smooth and also the LDAP plugin is working as I expect it.

However we experience a strange error with one specific user only and I’m asking for your help to narrow down the problem and hopefully fix it:

  • First login via LDAP is no problem.
    • User logs in.
    • Account is created, everything working as expected.
  • However when user logs out and wants to login again we get a loop.
    • User logs in.
    • User gets window to create account (instead of beeing logged in).
    • If user clicks “Create account” we get the error that the mail-adress is already present.
    • If user clicks “Login” we get the LDAP login window again.

When the user is deleted, the first login works again.
When the user is disabled and the acitvation mail is sent to him, user can log in via the link. But nut with username and password.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to narrow down the problem I’ll be very thankful :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hello, you might have faced this problem months ago but I’m in this very specific use-case and I was wondering if you found a way to fix this issue.


Hey John,

the workaround is still in place and is working in my setup:

  • disable user
  • send activation mail
  • user can login via link
  • user is told not to log out if possible

I never found any real solution. As this only happens with one or two users, I never dug deeper into it. If I can provide any information from my setup regarding this subject, I’m willing to share it.

Kind regards,