Strange Russian auto-close message

Hello Discouse community,

A mod brought this to my attention. Our topics auto-close at 2500 posts to keep mega topics at bay. Usually it displays an English message (site’s default language). In this one instance, it instead displayed a Russian message. Here’s a screenshot:

This translates to:

This topic was automatically closed when the number of replies peaked: 2500.

From what I can see under Customize -> Text, the text is in English:

We also had a recent DDOS attack that our infrastructure provider mitigated, so I am concerned about weird things going on without our knowledge. Is this just a setting that I am missing somewhere, a bug, or is this something I should be worried about?


My guess is that the user who posted the 2500th post had their language set to Russian, and so the automatic post was created with their user language. Are you able to check their profile and see?

We can definitely get this fixed up to use the site default language - I’ll add it to my list.


Ah, that could be it. The user who posted last is from the Ukraine, so I assume their interface is in Russian. I don’t know how to check that though. But it sounds like that is the cause.


If you visit their profile, then ‘preferences’, then ‘interface’, you should be able to see their language:


Thank you. I can confirm that it is indeed set to Russian:


This should take care of the issue. It will be live on tests-passed in a few minutes

Thanks for reporting the issue @RobinTS


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