Translation and proofreading disabled for some languages

We are currently letting a translation agency translate and proofread Discourse in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish

That’s why crowdsourcing of translations has been temporarily disabled for those languages in the Discourse (core) project on Crowdin. It’s still possible to translate plugins for all languages.

We are doing this in order to increase the quality and consistency of translations. That being said, it’s an experiment. We intentionally selected mostly languages where we have native speakers within the team. So, rest assured, we will be keeping an eye on the translations.


Will you re-enable crowdsourcing for all languages?

Yes, we intend to re-enable translation for all languages after the translation agency finishes their work. We might disable it again shortly before each release of a stable version, but all of this is subject to change.

I still want to contribute translations. What can I do?

Only the core project is currently being translated by a translation agency. The plugins are still available for translation and we appreciate your help with that.

I’m not happy with some of the new translations done by the translation agency. What can I do?

We value your feedback. Please create a topic in #dev:translations and explain your complaint with as many examples as possible. We will forward your feedback to the translation agency.


That’s interesting. Is there / will there be a way to take a look at the result of these professional translations, in a systematic way? Perhaps a read-only access to this work via Crowdin?


That’s a very good question. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible with Crowdin’s permission system. I guess the best we could do is provide daily updates in a pull request on GitHub. Would that be useful?


I think this would actually be more helpful than a “flat” (chronologically speaking) view of things in Crowdin, yes. It would be nice.


That’s sad, I’ve translated 90% of Discourse (with the previous platform) and I believe it is very accurate. I’m not sure if the agency could improve it or make things worse.


I don’t expect a lot of changes for Italian. I think you and @Dax did a fantastic job in the past. Most of the languages were chosen because we have native speakers on our team who can evaluate the outcome of this experiment.


Italian was chosen mostly to make the translation consistent everywhere, not because there were translation errors (apart from some mistakes made recently that broke many markdown links).

Don’t worry, I’ve made arrangements with the agency so if there are any requests for substantial changes they will be discussed with the volunteer translators here on Meta.


Okay, here’s the PR I promised. It should be updated every day if I set everything up correctly.

Okay, after some manual intervention, I think I finally got everything working. The PR will be updated every 2 hours.


It’s amazing more helpfull

looks like the translations are still locked, at least the translation for German is locked.
Is it still ongoing or will the translation for these languages be done by the agency in the future?

All languages are available for translation again. Please keep in mind that roughly 99% of all strings have been reviewed by the translation agency, so you won’t be able to change those strings. But you will be able to suggest alternative translations and vote on them. We will make sure the agency’s translators will take a look at them next time they work on the translations.

Please post in #dev:translations if you find strings that need to be changed or if you have general feedback about the translation quality.