Strip Emoji Code from page title

In the sake of cleaner tabs and more helpful search titles via Google (etc), I would recommend stripping emoji from the page title in the html header.

Obviously it can’t display the emoji which would be most desirable, and keeping it as is offers relatively little value for the amount of characters the emoji require (typically) take up in the tab/search result.

The other option would be strip it from the topic title as a whole but that would be far less of an ideal situation as emoji in titles can be a great way to provide meta data about what the topic might be about (depending on the emojis provided/utilized)

Actually can browsers display unicode Emoji in page title? I think they can.

Obviously :smile: aka :smile: isn’t going to display but the Unicode version should.

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To be honest, I forgot to check if the Unicode versions would. That would still leave the issue of the :smile: version.

I don’t foresee it happening often on most sites, but depending on the type of community culture developed, it could become quite a problem on a few sites.

Yes, would be nice to default to unicode emoji in titles. With the option to strip them out. :bacon:

This was already fixed, we use unicode emoji in topic titles now, which browsers display just fine, but may not have two years ago in 2015.

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