Subforum structure


How to create 3 levels of category structure in forum (see image)?

  1. category → 2. subforum → 3. subsubforum


I can’t find anything in the settings.

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And then there is a big risk some other things will break.

Deeper nesting category structure is a solid way to get off topics and difficult searches.

I give an example.

Topic includes

  • working dogs
  • that are eating raw food and dry food
  • has some skin issues
  • and needs some nutraceuticals

Should such topic be found in

  • dogs → breeds → working dogs
  • food → styles → raw or dry food
  • health → skin → skin of fur → allergies or something else
  • nutrition → nutraceuticals or functional ones → vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins or something else

And if we go deeper — should e.g. vitamins have 4th level where can be found vitamins A, B, E, D etc. Minerals are much wider question.

But there is a solution \0/ : tags

Categories have only one level, perhaps two in some cases. And everything else is done using tags.

I challenge all admins who are so sure multileveling is must, giving to an ordinary user task to

  • create a topic in right category
  • find something

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