Suggestion: Add comments/notes for moderator reference to posts queued on the review page

On the Review page, add an ‘Add Note’ button (possibly after the ‘Delete User…’ button) below the individual posts, for moderators to add comments/notes to individual queued posts for future reference for themselves and other moderators.

The note(s) could possibly be displayed above the buttons: Approve Post etc. and include the date, time and author of the note.

This could be used when there has been activity outside of Discourse related to the post i.e. ‘emailed x to ask for their opinion’, ‘or emailed the post author to clarify x’ etc. or to outline why it hasn’t been approved/rejected yet. This information would be useful for other moderators to be aware of when going through the review queue.

Do others use a different system to address this issue? Is there a way of doing something along these lines currently that I’m unaware of?


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