Suggestions for Ad placement options to improve the user experience

I would like to make 2 suggestions for ad placement options.

Currently there is an option to only place an add above the Topic List (separate for desktop and mobile which is nice), which applies to all Categories and the Main landing page (it doesn’t differentiate).

However this isn’t always an optimal / happy solution for two reasons:

  1. It would be nice to have an option to place the ad BELOW the topics instead of the top. It very disruptive to have an ad for a new user on the top of the landing page (see my second suggestion below on a related to improve the experience which is linked to this)
  2. It would be optimal to have a separate option for placing ads on the main/landing page Topics list and separately the Category topics list. For example, I don’t want to show ads to users who comes to the forum landing page, especially on top (it’s very disruptive), but if they decide to stay and click on a Category, then when the list of topics in that category/sub category are shown, I would to show ads on those pages (top and bottom separate as described above)