Discourse Ad settings breaks viewing categories

It took me a while to trace down this bug, it’s a little hard to repro but:

Requirement: there are ads displayed on Topic list top ads, in my case simple HTML text ads.

Issue: category browsing (at least from the sidebar) breaks after a few clicks. All Categories shows a random category, and visiting category A might show the same topic list


  1. Click category A
  2. Click category B
  3. Click “All Categories”
  4. Click category C, C has subcategories, set to “none” instead of “all” subcategories
  5. Click “All Categories”
  6. Repeat
  7. Issue described above should appear by now, otherwise repeat.

Repro is basically some random browsing between “categories” and “all categories” and other sequences might give the same issue as result. 2-3 rotations should definitely result in repro.

When the Topic list top ads ads are disabled, zapping between categories and “categories” and “all categories” works as expected.

Moving this to a separate topic to confirm; I’ll try for a repro and get back to you, @MarcP. :slight_smile:


Hi @maiki

If you’re bug fixing the adplugin would you be able to look at this bug at the same time: Adverts are being displayed at the top - twice

Thanks :blush:

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