Support contextualisation of posts/topic replies when split out into a new topic

If you create a new topic by splitting out an “in-reply-to” post, the new topic shows the “in reply to” indicator at the top, and allows you to click on it. Unfortunately, though, clicking on it does nothing; a query is sent off to the server and an empty response comes back.

It’d be great to be able to contextualise topics which are created in this fashion; it’s not always desirable to take the parent across into a new topic, as it may be broader in its scope than the reply.

I’m guessing you’re referring to topics like this one?

That’s a long-standing UX bug. So this is a two-parter:

  1. Most importantly, the in-reply-to button should not appear on posts that have been split out as topics.

  2. Additionally, it’d be nice if split topics would automatically get a linkback added to the top of the post, much like when you’re replying as a new topic, but with slightly different copy. (this was discussed once before, but the topic has been deleted).


@tgxworld fixed at least part of this issue the other week


@erlend_sh Yes, exactly. Great to hear that a partial fix is already in train from @sam – that’s the best possible response to a feature request or bug report. :slight_smile: