Support detection of bullet lists with bullets instead of just asterisks/hyphens

I’m seeing users create text in Microsoft Word and then paste it into Discourse. For the most part, Discourse ignores Word styles, which is acceptable/understandable. But there’s one place it would be nice to go a little further, which is with bullet lists. Discourse detects bullet list formatting using Markdown conventions like asterisks or hyphens.

This is a bullet list created with asterisks:

  • Asterisk 1
  • Asterisk 2
  • Asterisk 3

But it would be great if Discourse could also detect lists that are indicated with bullets, in part because some people type them manually and in part because Word automatically formats lists with them when you try to create an asterisk list. As it stands, when pasted in, the bullets just come in as normal characters and no bullet list (UL) formatting is applied.

This is a bullet list formatted automatically by Microsoft Word with bullets:

• Bullet 1
• Bullet 2
• Bullet 3

Obviously, this is a minor request, but I’m making it in case detecting the bullet character for creating UL lists is a really easy thing to add.


You’d need to take it up at there.