Suppress topics silenced by tags in email digest

I have german and english content in my forum. I don’t want the english users to get notified about german contents. I tag those topics “deutsch”. I have silenced this tag for the english users. The email digest still contains germen content. Is it possible to suppress that?

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I don’t think tags can be used that way, you would need categories instead.

That’s unfortunate. Thanks for your reply.

It works as I expected when I use categories. It’s a bit unfortunate that I have to restructure my forum because of this. Why do categories and tags work differently in regard to this? In the user preferences muting looks completely identical for tags and categories.

Language is a hard barrier (at least for the average person) and really should be reflected in categories, I think.

I could imagine different possibilities for multilanguage settings. I’m trying to find one that works with the available system. The way to go seems categories. I have other aspects that I’d like to have represented by categories like “scientific articles” or “videos” or “events”. I guess I need to have DE/videos and EN/videos. So I need to replicate my existing categories for every language.
In this setting it would be nice to silence all subcategories of a language category. That’s not possible, is it? (I could write a plugin for that like

But anyway I suggest to improve the documentation so that it’s clearer that silencing tags doesn’t change the email digest the way silencing categories does.

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