Suspect Users tab removed in Discourse 2.5?

I updated to 2.5.0beta2 yesterday and just noticed that the ‘Suspect’ tab in the user admin has disappeared:

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This is intended as per this commit:


What if you don’t have this enabled?


If you don’t have the setting enabled, suspect users go nowhere.

We decided to remove the tab because using the review queue is more effective. Do you have it disabled for a reason?


Let me clarify because there’s something about this I did not understand, and @david patiently explained to me:

:mega: ALL new users with unusually low read time and completed profiles, will be pushed into the review queue.

So unless you are intentionally ignoring review, you shouldn’t need the suspect users tab any more. Do note that it takes about 24 hours for new users to be reviewable as we want to give them time to read stuff :open_book:


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