Switch all users to TL2

there is a way to put all users from TL 0 TL 1 TL3 TL4 to TL2

I dont think there is any super easy way to do it. The best I can think of is make the requirements for TL1 and TL2 very low so everybody gets promoted and TL3 requirents very low so they get demoted. But you would still need to demote TL4 manually.

I believe this topic: Modify trust level for all users should point you in the right direction?


You shouldn’t have any users at TL4 unless you manually put them there (it’s an admin-designated level). As the others said, you should just be able to set the default level for new users at TL2 and make the entry requirements so low that basically everyone gets there almost immediately. Then you can run a command to ensure that everyone gets immediately put at their automatically-assigned trust level (with the exception of locked users).

If you have users with locked trust levels (and want to get rid of that), this should help.

Edit: Just saw that @rorycb gave a much more direct way of doing this. That’s probably the better option.


if I make it easier, only those who are active in the forum will change the TL, right? Because I want to transform TL0 and TL1 as a punishment, then if the person has not entered the forum for 6 months and enters when I transform it into a punishment, it will be a problem…

I tihnk it would be easier for folks to help you if you were to outline the whole problem you are trying to solve/exactly what you are trying to do. Once we know that there may be other ways people could suggest to do what you are trying to do.

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