system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template doesn't respect default Language

(Robert Z) #1

I’m on version 1.6.0.beta1. My default site language is set to Chinese zh_CN but I allow user to use their own language setting. It works well for other parts but the text from system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template, which is still in English, for users who are using the default zh_CN. I tried to set the site language to zh_CN and didn’t allow user’s own setting on that, then it was right. Thus I guess it’s a bug. Any ideas?


I tried to set the site language to zh_CN and didn’t allow user’s own setting on that but it still doesn’t work. Sorry I was wrong just before.

I can repeat the issue on my production deployment but not in my local development environment. They’re both v1.6.0.beta1.

(Arpit Jalan) #2

This sounds like a bug. Added on my list. :pencil:

(Arpit Jalan) #3

I am unable to repro this issue locally.

I also created a fresh Discourse instance on DO droplet to try to repro this issue in production, but unable to repro it (with zh_CN locale and allow user locale setting enabled/disabled).

Changing the category to support until we have repro steps for this issue.

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(Robert Z) #4

The newest update: I fixed that by dropping my database and deployed code and starting over.

Before, I had a deployment of v1.5.0.beta13b(which was upgraded to from an earlier 1.5.0 beta), and then I upgraded to v1.6.0.beta1. I’m not sure if it’s due to migration, or something else. Anyway, I have no easy way to figure out the reason. So I did a clean deployment from scratch and it seems working well.

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