Tag behavior not always consistent

Our desired behavior is for any new topic to compel the user to click on one group tag, Business_Segment, and then select which business segment they belong too. What we instead see is that for any new topic request, an ‘optional tag’ pulldown is offered where some users, once clicked, can see the Business_Segment group, but other do not. And although all categories are configured the same, these same users might see the Business_Segment tag group on some categories but not others. Note, as an administrator, I am always presented with the Business_Segment tag for all categories even though for other non-administrative users it is sometimes presented and other times, not.

Our min trust level is 0. For each category there are no restrictions on tags or group. Instead we set ‘Num Tags’ to 1 and ‘Tag group’ to ‘Business Segment’. Business Segment is a tag group with associated tags of segment1, segment2, …

We’re running 2.8.0.beta6. Running on a stable release might be recommended, but we just recently deployed Discourse on an on-prem VM and this is where we landed. It appears it is not recommended to revert to a stable release.

  1. Can we compel the user to select the business segment tag instead of presenting it as optional?
  2. How can we get consistent tag behavior-- where every new topic is presented with the Business_Segment tag and upon clicking the choice of segment1, segment2, etc.