Tag scheduled-to-be-closed posts in the list

I’m one of the moderators of the forum at https://mapwindow.discourse.group/ and I try to answer all questions.
When questions have been answered I close the post and on the list, I can see that because a lock-icon is added. This works great.

When I answer a question and the poster hadn’t replied within 7 days I ask again for feedback and place a timed lock on the post to auto close the post in 14 days. This is not visible in the list so I keep opening posts I already scheduled.

It would be great if scheduled-to-be-closed posts would also be visible as such in the list. Perhaps by adding an icon looking like a clock or a combination of a clock and a lock.

Would this be possible?

An alternative would be using the solved plugin, and setting solved to autoclose in 7 days.

That way you will have the solved icon in the topic list, and the solved and closed for old ones.


Thanks for the suggestion.
But the post is not yet solved so I don’t like it to mark it as such.

But I understand that a timer icon is not possible yet.
Can I put it on a request list or something?