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:discourse2: Summary Sidebar Tags displays tags in a sidebar on topic listing pages. The sidebar is only visible on screens wider than 767px (most tablets and monitors).
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Install this theme component

This theme component has the following settings:

  • Setting to sort the tags via popularity (by default the tags are sorted alphabetically)

  • Setting to configure the maximum number of tags to display (by default the maximum limit is 50 tags)


This theme component was created by @awesomerobot. :heart:


Good component, replaces the old one on sidebar tags that had stopped working.

Something I’m missing here is granular control over which situations the sidebar shows up. It is visible in Latest in homepage (and Top and Unread and and so on) but not Latest in each category or in category view… it should be possible to choose in which view it is visible. Another thing is to be able to restrict certain tags so they don’t show up in the sidebar.


I like the theme component! Nice work. Tried it out and was not able to see the tags sidebar on categories. I only see it on /latest. Is there something I am missing?

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The sidebar is visible on category page if the category has restricted tags or tag groups.

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Is there any way to display the tag box on smartphone view above the topic list?