Tag-union implementation?

Continuing the discussion from Tags: category restrictions, tag groups, relationships:

I’m interested in building a tag union capability that would mimic how tag intersections are currently implemented (Tag intersections page): essentially the same result as intersections (the default category/Latest view), but doing an OR on multiple tags rather than an AND. I would appreciate any suggestions as a new Discourse developer.

My thoughts (so far) are as follows:

  • Searching on multiple tags via the search page essentially provides tag-union functionality (Does multiple tag search support AND vs OR?). The problem is that I don’t want the search results view – I want the default category page. Could search results be redirected to accomplish this?

  • If search results can’t be redirected, I’m open to attempting a /tags/union/ route (and have been looking into how intersection works). I would prefer to do this via plugin, but I am concerned that that is not something that could currently be accomplished via a plugin. Any suggestions here would be appreciated.

If there is sufficient user interest to add a tag-union capability into the Discourse core, I’d be willing to do it and submit a PR, but I’m hoping to find an alternative. Thanks in advance.


Not sure this counts as sufficient user interest, but intending to revive this discussion to see if users/team are interested.

Thoughts? @daniel

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