Tagging sometimes breaks

I’m not really sure why, but tags seem to have broken on my forum. I’m able to tag most topics, but some topics when you apply the tag,

then refresh, it’s gone

I also can’t seem to remove tags either,

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Pretty sure you have enabled the site setting suppress overlapping tags in list.


I thoguht that too, but:

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Are you using third party plugins? If so, try turning them off and see if the problem recurs.

Have you checked if there are tags related errors in your logs?


I did that and still am having the issue.

There are no errors related to tagging in the logs.

Still not sure what is going on.

I tried to disable tags as well, re-enable them and try again with no luck.

Do you have category or tag group restrictions on this tag of any kind, or is it a simple tag like any others?

I have them in tag groups, but the ones I’m trying to apply are permitted in the category I’m trying to add them to.