Tags added while editing a pending approval topic do not show up

Tested on a live site of mine and a test setup (different server/install). So, confirmed on two setups.

Settings that may be relevant:
Tags enabled
TL4 set for tag setters (only admins can add tags on our site).
10 posts needed to be approved for new members.

Recreating the bug:

  1. TL0 starts topic
  2. Admin goes to approve it
  3. In the approval post setting, admin changes category, then adds tags (tags look like they saved)
  4. Hits save
  5. Hits approve

Then when I visit index/category, tags are nowhere to be seen. Have to edit the post again for them to appear. At first, I thought it was just my install, but I was able to recreate this on my developers’ test site.

Is this by design? Or a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?


I’m able to reproduce this as well.

My inclination is that it’s bug. TL0 cannot add tags to topics, so when the topic is approved I’m guessing Discourse sees the tags, says “wait, TL0 can’t add tags”, and removes them. As an admin edited the tag in, this shouldn’t happen.


PR here:


Awesome! Thank you. ;D

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