Tags don't persist when applied during topic editing due to unnoficial plugin

I am unable to apply tags to topics when editing the topic, only during topic creation. It looks like the new tags have applied, but then they disappear on refresh.

I have tested this across different categories, both private/public, with different tags, and with different users.

I don’t use any tag groups so I know this isn’t related to Adding tag to two or more groups breaks the tag

I’m on version 2.7.0.beta1 and I have the following plugins installed:

  • docker_manager
  • discourse-chat-integration
  • discourse-policy
  • discourse-assign
  • discourse-custom-wizard
  • discourse-fingerprint
  • discourse-restricted-replies
  • discourse-follow
  • discourse-calendar
  • discourse-styleguide
  • discourse-solved
  • discourse-shared-edits
  • discourse-footnote
  • discourse-checklist
  • discourse-knowledge-explorer
  • discourse-github
  • discourse-anonymous-categories
  • discourse-question-answer
  • discourse-tickets
  • discourse-canned-replies
  • discourse-user-notes
  • discourse-whos-online
  • retort
  • discourse-push-notifications
  • discourse-multilingual
  • discourse-translator

Can you try after removing unofficial plugins?

Will disabling them in the settings be sufficient?

No, it is not. Plugins can still load lots of code even when disabled.

I uninstalled all of the unofficial plugins and it fixed the issue.

I’ve reinstalled the unofficial ones I care about keeping and it still works, which narrows the culprit down to one of the following plugins: Custom Wizard, Fingerprint, Anonymous Categories, Multilingual. Anonymous Categories is currently flagged as a broken plugin so I assume it’s that.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


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