Unable to add/edit tags

I find that it’s not possible to add/edit an existing topic’s tags. The modification was lost right after refreshing the page…

This is maybe a bug? or the software simply doesn’t allow modifying tags once a topic is posted?

Any help would be appreciated :smiley_cat:
Running Discourse version: 2.9.0.beta3

You can edit a topic to add a tag. :+1: (I’ve just added one to this topic as an example :slight_smile: )

Could you talk me through how you’re encountering this issue? Are there any trust level restrictions in place that could be blocking you from tagging on that site?


Oh I see the tag you added. There must be some configuration error on my site :smiling_face_with_tear:

I recorded my screen, the scene was as below :arrow_down:

The tag I added just disappeared :rofl:

I’m the admin of this site, so I think maybe it’s not the problem of trust level :thinking:

Maybe a plugin issue? Could you try safe-mode ?


Unfortunately this problem persist in safe mode

And is it across all tags, or just that specific one?

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It’s across all tags.

I’ve been trying to replicate this, but no luck so far. I’ve slid it over to the #support category to see if anyone else can think of a way to help. :+1:

Are there any errors in the console when you set the tag/refresh the page?