Tags field overlaps content editor

In my Discourse installation, when entering several tags, the tags text box gets multi-line and jumps into the main content area:

The tags text box stays multi-line, even if the main content area has the focus.

All components are up to date:

I’m using Google Chrome:

Version 61.0.3153.0 (Offizieller Build) dev (64-Bit)

Maybe this is kind of a bug?

I do not like this behaviour, because the multi-line tag text box hides the last line of the main content text box, making it hard to type, since I cannot read anymore what I’m writing.

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I think I know what this is… Fixing one thing and breaking another. I’ll look into it.


It wasn’t caused by what I thought. This problem has probably been around for a long time. I guess the best we can do is give it a max height, so it will end up looking like this when there’s too much content to fit: