Team Badges on post container


I am looking for something like this

Is there an option for this in default discourse, or do I have to code it myself? And if yes, then where exactly can I specify custom css.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Some places use the name field. Or a custom title entry.


I used custom title. Full moderator or admin csn tag custom titles

Hello thanks for the reply!

However, I was talking about the “Lost Ark” Logo behind the actual post content.

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Have you looked at the CSS to determine how they implemented it?

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Yes, they did it with a pseudo-element.

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Have you tried creating a theme component to replicate the look?


Good call! Will try and let you guys know how I proceed :slight_smile:

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Sounds good - let us know if you have any problems!

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So I tried using the same CSS styling for a test.

Isn’t there also some HTML I need to add? And what would the div look like, never seen such a div class tbf, thats why I am asking, a little bit curious.

Both .topic-post:before { .. } and .topic-post > article:before { .. } work for me. Additional classes depend on how or for whom you want to restrict that view. Not sure on which element you have the .mod-highlight class.


What did you write in the HTML part?

not sure what you mean by that. I didn’t change anything apart from adding the style declaration.

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Oh yeah, it does work!

Thanks man <3

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