Telegram pinning option

Hello, is there any way to allow this plugin to post messages to a Telegram group, but not allow it pin those messages in the group? Pinning a message in Telegram causes the message to show up at the top of the group, and should be reserved for important announcements, but this plugin automatically pins all messages it posts.

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That’s quite surprising to me - it’s certainly not intentional. This is the only information we send to telegram’s API:

I wonder if there is some other configuration / bot (or maybe even a user?) in your telegram group which is causing the messages to be pinned? :thinking:

That is interesting, we have a few bots, I’ll look into this more and see if I can figure it out. It’s definitely not a user, this has always been how the bot has operated for us and it’s always instant pins. Thanks for your help!

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I figured it out, sorry for the confusion. We had the Discourse plugin posting messages to a dedicated Telegram channel for forum posts, and then that channel would post those messages into our main community Telegram group, and at the same time pin them. It wasn’t the Discourse plugin doing the pinning, but the Telegram channel. Thanks for your help! This topic can be marked as resolved.

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