Test emails to multiple users are not reported correctly in Sent

You can send a test email to multiple users from the admin interface if you use “mailaddy1; mailaddy2” in the to: field. Both mails arrive.
if you look at “Sent” it only shows the first mailaddy.

Noticed this while chasing down a bounce/blacklist problem.

1.7.0.beta8 +20

Not sure I understand. By “test email”, do you mean the email sent when in /admin/email or in admin/email/preview-digest?

Because the former only works with 1 email address and the latter only allows for 1 username.

Sorry to contradict you, but the former (/admin/email) does in fact work with two mail addresses separated by "; ". The same test arrives at both email destinations, but the list in “/admin/email/sent” only shows the first of the two emails.

The multiple test email is great, by the way, it helped me deal with a user who was having problems with his ISP blacklisting us, so please don’t fix that part!

1.7.0.beta8 +20

If it works, it is only by accident in this case.

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