Text colors when mouse goes by

I do not know the name but would like to change the colors, but I did not find how to do that.

I want the same as Gmail

I am not following, please provide a screenshot of Discourse, not some random other service with no relationship to Discourse.


can not find the code to change

You can’t change that AFAIK, it’s set by your computer’s operating system and the browser.

It’s the difference between browser-native tooltips (implemented with the title attribute) and custom tooltips, implemented in some other way.

It’s not elementary to change on a site-wide basis — you can’t just add some custom CSS to change the appearance of titles, as they’re not styled by CSS. There might be a hacky way to replace them using some custom JavaScript and MutationObservers, though performance may be affected.


Thanks for the answer

Here’s a proof of concept:

Repo | Live demo

Strictly for reference only and not production ready… unless you reeeally love Comic Sans MS, in which case, use at will. :grin:

This is actually even hackier than what I originally suggested — it uses setInterval every 100ms rather than a MutationObserver.


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