Text info box in category header

Is it possible to have a sticky text box at top of a category? Something similar to the info box provided by discourse that contains the text “Create at least 5 public topics and 30 public posts to get discussion started. New users cannot earn trust levels unless there’s content for them to read. This message appears only to staff.”?

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Sounds like you’re talking about a pin-up banner

thanks @davemaxwell
that’s exactly what I was looking for!

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AFAIK banner topics are only global across the entire site, and don’t work per-category, though.

In that case you want to pin a topic to the category.

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@codinghorror aargh, you’re right. pinned banners are global. missed that in my first test. It would be cool to have that per category though.

We do have category pins. Select it from the wrench menu.

We find that people ignore the pinned category topics. I think having a category specific banner topic would be really helpful.

Maybe if a banner topic is uncategorized it would be global, and if it is in a category it would only show on pages in that are part of that category.


You will find that people ignore the banner as well. People are very good at ignoring things :wink:


If you set a category image/logo the category description (first paragraph of About topic) shows up in large text next to the logo. That might be sufficient for what you are looking for? Have you seen that feature? It’s found under Edit > Images on the category page.

I was looking for the same thing, Pinned Category Banner - but the logo image will work as well. Of course you end up with an image/logo that you have to come up with / live with…

This is an old topic but it came out top of the search list for ‘category headers’.

This might help…

Better late than never :blush:

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