Welcome / About Message on a Category Page

We are starting our forum discussions in October though want people to be able to see the 5 we have scheduled. Right now we are sending people to our Category page, as that seems to be the only place where people can see all of these given we do not have sub-topic forum discussions scheduled yet. Is there a way we can have some pinned message on the top of this page?

Thank you; I am still learning the admin function, and really appreciate this vibrant community!

You can turn a topic into a banner topic, which will appear at the top of your forum. To try it out and see if it’s what you’re looking for:

  1. Make a topic with whatever info you need
  2. Click on the admin wrench (off to the right or at the bottom of the topic) and then Pin Topic
  3. Choose banner topic

If you have set a “category logo image” in your category settings, then the starting text from your “about this category” topic’s first post will appear next to that logo image.

Example here: Job Board - OpenMRS Talk


If you use a banner you can add css to the editor in admin>customize>CSS/HTML. Something like this will give you a banner with a white background that only displays on the categories-list page:

#banner {
    max-height: none; // gets rid of scrollbar
    display: none; // hides the banner for all pages
    background: #fff; // gets rid of the blue background
    box-shadow: none; // gets rid of the box-shadow

.categories-list #banner {
    display: block; // displays the banner only on the categories-list page

#banner .close {
    display: none;  // hides the dismiss 'x'

#banner h1 {
    margin: 30px 0 10px 0; // gives the banner h1 elements top and bottom margins

I think that is what I have; can you take a look and see if it looks that way on your end? Thank you!

How did you get the banner to be on the top of your page @Yuun and left aligned on your text?

Come to think of it, how did you get it to appear there by NOT on your Categories home page?

Your banner topic looks fine to me and is the functionality I was referring to, yeah. So if that’s what you were looking for, err, there ya go. :smile: @simon 's CSS spruces things up quite nicely, too.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here though, my forum doesn’t have an active banner topic or anything that (should) appear everywhere but the categories page (I think?). Talking about someone else’s forum, maybe?

Thanks for the feedback! You are so right, @Yuun; I meant to ask @downey how he left-aligned the image.

It should be automatically left-aligned if you’re using the category description post and the category image in its settings.

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