🇮🇹 Thanks for spending time with us - missing translation

How can I translate this email in the Italian language?

It looks translated here: https://www.transifex.com/discourse/discourse-org/translate/#it/core-server-yml/146652607?q=text%3A’spending+time’

It is quite buggy, as it has a broken markdown for all the links, and it not using the correct glossary term for trust level in italian. First step is fixing that.


Fixed (but I’m not sure why the markdown links are so badly formatted).

In the context of the sentence it can be used Livello Esperienza instead of Livello di Esperienza, as far as the meaning is concerned, nothing changes at all


Yeah, I agree since di is just a connector, but it gets the sentence flagged by transifex since they can detect glossary errors.

Judging by the problems I see in the pt_BR locale, following the glossary closely makes for a way better UX.

Thanks you all :slight_smile: