Dutch language email link text bug

Discourse sends emails that includes links to the topic; the link text in English is “Visit topic”. This is fine.
When setting the interface language to Dutch the link text includes the article, and this is wrong:

Current link text: “Bezoek topic (het)”. In English this corresponds to “Visit topic (the)”.
Expected link text: “Bezoek topic”.


You can fix this by joining the Dutch translation team on Transifex.


Is there a basic HOWTO available for doing translation work?
I more or less figured out how the Transifex web interface works, but I get an error “Glossary translation for term ‘topic’ missing from translation” and I am not sure how to proceed from here.


Sure. Transifex has documentation for translators. Getting Started as a Translator | Transifex Documentation

I think that’s only a warning. It should be fine as long as you were able to save the translation. You can find out more about the glossary in the link from above if you want to.