Thanks to all those at Discourse

This was recently posted in the Lounge on the OpenAI Discourse forum and should be visible here for everyone. While most might not be able to follow the links, they are genuine.

For those that did not notice this will just point it out because many don’t know how nice it is to work with a product, company and staff that make this happen.

This is the post where Sam first responded so I will use this as the starting clock.

This is the post noting it should be fixed on this production site.

While the timestamps are only down to the hour, from what I see this all happened in 2 hours, yes 2 hours from first reading of a problem to a working fix in a running production site. :slightly_smiling_face:

While I see lots of reasons in the plus category for Discourse I don’t see this one enough and for weighted categories this gets a high weight factor.

Nice job Sam and to the rest of those at Discourse, I know it is a team effort there.


Are those links to secure categories or deleted? I get oops pages.

The links are in the OpenAI Lounge category which only requires an OpenAI Discourse account and meeting the TL3 requirements which on a large site such as OpenAI means reading several thousand post. Yes some of us have summited this task so it can be done.

The interesting thing about the OpenAI Lounge category is that there are only about 10 normal users in there with some of Discourse staff making appearances and you can learn quite a bit about OpenAI in there but the truth is many of the discussions are just exclusive to the Lounge and would be deleted on the main site as off-topic.

One of my favorites is Let’s Talk Side Projects!.